Life on a bike

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I’m currently reading the short but excellent Need for the Bike by Paul Fournel, which consists of a number of short essays that consider all things cycling.  The format is succinct – a case of never mind the width, feel the quality and is all the better for it.  In no particular order the book examines events, people, equipment, feelings, aesthetics and anything else related to cycling that in total adds up to the cycling experience.  The book is insightful, astute, even philosophical at times but always enjoyable and taps into much of the spirit of cycling; his playful tongue-in-cheek style also adds to the delivery of the message in a positive way.

I’ve previously outlined my thinking behind Round the Bend, whilst Fournel captures much about what it is to cycle and its place in life.   As the strapline to my blog it seems appropriate to apply this thinking to my Life on a bike and I’ve therefore decided to start an ongoing series of short pieces of my own, though by no means of the same quality.  Not sure where this will take me but to paraphrase: it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

To be continued ……………………….


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