Time For Change


I’ve recently returned from an extended trip to New Zealand and as a result, have neither been blogging or cycling for a while.  Notwithstanding, as explained in the last  Round-Up 2017 blog – posted just before heading off down under – my mileage significantly declined last year as  a result of ongoing knee problems which don’t look like improving anytime soon.  Although the electric bike conversion has been very successful, I’ve got to face facts that (a) my days of touring are probably over and whilst I’ve every intention of getting out on the bike as much as possible (b) I will just not be doing the miles I used to.   It’s somewhat dispiriting but best not dwell on the situation and move on.

Of course I had no knowledge things would go this way when I started this blog three years ago and I’ve really enjoyed documenting my Life-on-a-Bike, past and present.  However, unless there’s something of a miracle in the knee department, there will be less subjects for blogging and the very raison d’etre of this blog will slowly dissipate.  After much thought and with some regret, I’ve therefore come to the conclusion that in order to continue with this blog it’s time for change.

At the outset in 2015 I discussed the reason for the blog’s title i.e. whether on a bike or in life you never know what the future holds – physically and metaphorically, or as a state of mind (see About this Blog).  I also explained why the web address of Round The Bend ‘Part-1’ was used (i) because the plain roundthebend website address was not available, and (ii) because I didn’t know if there might be other subsequent version, Part-2?  Well I’m not going to change the web address or the name but I am going to adapt the content.

IMG_1535 (Medium)
2014 France

Knees permitting I intend to continue discussions related to my cycling and all other things cycling.  However, I am fortunate to have an active life off the bike and it is to that which I now intend to turn, especially those subjects that like cycling play an important role in keeping me sane and who doesn’t need some of that?

IMG_5859 (Large)

I am a retired exploration and mining geologist by profession and also married to a geologist.  For nearly 50-years I’ve enjoyed the subject and still do, so that my wife and I often visit places in the UK and overseas, she for fossils with me in tow, or me for rocks, structures and minerals.  Like many sciences, great advances have been made in geology and related Earth sciences since I undertook my studies and I enjoy keeping in touch with such developments.  I’ve been very pleased to see a wider interest in geology and the natural sciences develop during my lifetime, even our children now think it is cool and it would be good to record some of my exploits from time-to-time.


For about the same amount of time I’ve also been an active photographer – in general, underwater as a scuba diver and more recently astrophotography.  I’m therefore planning to use part of this blog to record and discuss past and present achievements, together with general matters of photography.


As something of an extension to geology and a long held ambition, I finally took up astronomy in 2014.  I’ve certainly got the bug and maintain a separate website in which to record developments in my astronomy and particularly astrophotography, which has now become my main pastime.  It is a fascinating, beautiful and often profound subject, that like space itself has almost endless possibilities.  I do not intend to duplicate those matters from the other website here but from time-to-time take a more general look at some of these subjects.

IMG_9124 (Large)

As a cross-over with some of the above activities, I also hope to report and comment on other topics of note, particularly places of interest and travel.  In my career and personal life I spent much of my time travelling to many, often obscure parts of the world.  In retirement travel is less frequent but I hope nonetheless interesting.  Rather than a travelogue I hope to present a more personal insight into people and places.

This new approach will inevitably require some changes to the blog structure, which like when you get the builders in will be apparent from time-to-time with unavoidable disruption to the site.  Somewhat by chance I’ve already adopted a new layout style, which in my opinion has itself refreshed the look, feel and accessibility to recent blogs; other older blogs can also be easily accessed via the Archives tab in the main menu or at the bottom of each page.

The danger of adopting a more eclectic approach is that this blog will lack focus and become something of a mixed bag. However, I hope it can instead be a cornucopia of my experiences, knowledge and areas of interest that enrich my life and keep me sane in this often mad world.  Let’s see, as it’s once again time to find out what’s round this next bend.



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