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Life on a bike-7: Speed

Soon after learning to ride a bike, speed probably becomes the next objective.  We’re all speed junkies, especially in our youth.  We may have already experienced speed in a car, train or plane but on a bike the experience is … Continue reading

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Redhill to Newhaven

I first undertook this ride in May 2009 on the first day on my way to Paris, since then I have ridden it often each year and refined the route a little.  The ride crosses the attractive Wealden countryside of … Continue reading

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My tents

My first tent was inherited from my Dad who, together with a collection of lightweight camping equipment purchased it in 1939, had a planned to go cycle touring in Europe.  Timing is everything in life and unfortunately shortly thereafter WWII … Continue reading

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Round-Up 2016

2016 marked the second year of Round The Bend, which is a personal record of my life on a bike.  In addition to the general commentary on cycling and various rides, this year I started two regular features in Round … Continue reading

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Seasonal Cycling: Christmas

I have already written about cycling and the four seasons of the year but there’s one more that brings the year to an end and starts the next – that is Christmas & New Year.  Unless you are a commuter, … Continue reading

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Life on a bike-6: B17

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. An intriguing statistic of the 2012 London Olympics was that GB topped the medals table for “sitting” sports: rowing, canoeing, equestrian and cycling. Whilst the legs do most of the hard work in … Continue reading

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Up The Downs

The landscape and related scenery we see around us whilst cycling is primarily the result of geology and time, which amongst many features results in hills of various types.  The geology of the south east of England consists of a … Continue reading

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