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Cycling Rocks

As a retired exploration and mining geologist, I have long been concerned by the adverse views frequently proffered towards the extraction of natural resources.  Most people I know who work in these sectors are passionate about the environment, in fact … Continue reading

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Old Dog New Tricks

It’s just seven weeks since the first run on my electric converted Trek 830 MTB bike and already I think I can safely say it has revolutionised my cycling, which due to ongoing knee problems had recently become so moribund … Continue reading

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A New Cycling E-ra

Following a knee replacement in 2015 I have struggled to get back to my previous cycling mileage and certainly been unable to resume touring.  As a result after long consideration I have taken the plunge and converted my Trek 830 … Continue reading

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Round-Up 2016

2016 marked the second year of Round The Bend, which is a personal record of my life on a bike.  In addition to the general commentary on cycling and various rides, this year I started two regular features in Round … Continue reading

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Seasonal Cycling: Spring

Cycling in winter can be enjoyable but it is sometimes difficult and often an unpleasant time, so the arrival of spring comes as something of a relief and really marks the beginning of the year for cyclists.  At the heart … Continue reading

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Life on a bike-1: Genes

If all goes well I hope to become a grandfather later this year for the first time.  Cycling aptitude is not an inherited given but then again look at Wiggo.  It was, of course, another era but pre-war my Dad … Continue reading

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Roberts Sark

Whilst Mrs G was happy with her Dawes Karakum bike, like me she started to yearn for something with a bit more fun.  This is difficult to quantify but as she doesn’t like drops it was unlikely to be a … Continue reading

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