Setting Off

Like a tour I am not sure where this website is going to take me, or even this page!

As a starting point I have begun backdating the touring section with a number of rides in the UK and Europe during recent years and, in time, hope to add many new tours.  Subject to my bad knee, at the moment I have tours in Essex and Berlin on the drawing board, as well as to return as frequently as possible to France – I just love the roads, weather, scenery and best of all the food.  I have ambitions to wander further afield too: the Danube, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and if I can, Japan – which gets excellent reviews.

The equipment sections need to be completed and, I hope, to maybe add a new fully fledged touring bike one of these days.

I am sure I’ll have lots to say just from day-to-day riding but I’d like to stay positive as much as possible rather than bemoan the last pothole I avoided – that would require a whole website on its own.

With the newfound success of British sports cycling it will also, I hope, be a pleasure to consider their further achievements.

Tyres pumped up, tools, drinks & snacks, map – so I’m off and rolling, not sure where to yet though, maybe my bike and some old tours?

So let’s get going, enjoy the journey!

IMG_20140610_111314654_HDR (Large)


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